La Villa Grazia Centereach New York


Complaint: About 3 weeks ago I ordered a pizza from La Villa Grazia. We were told the pizza would be there within 45 minutes. About 90 minutes later the pizza finally came. It was ice cold, not even lukewarm. We live about 3-4 minutes away from the restaurant. I called La Villa Grazia and explained to them that while I don’t expect the pizza to come scolding hot, I also don’t expect it to be cold as ice. I also told him it was 45 minutes late, so maybe he should find out what his delivery driver is doing. The man apologized and told me to give him my name and he would give me a credit for a free pie. I gave him the information and thanked him for resolving it. Today we decided to use our credit. They have no information about it anywhere and refused to honor it. I explained there are many pizzerias in the area, and obviously wouldn’t be going in there or ordering delivery from again. They didn’t seem to care. So, enjoy my $15 you got for a cold pizza La Villa Grazia. I go into your shop 2-3 times a week for lunch….no more. I order delivery 2-3 times a month from you….no more. Avoid ordering from this place. There are plenty of other options in the neighborhood.

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 1665 Middle Country Road Centereach, New York United States of America

Website: 8 Springbriar lane

Phone: 631-732-3372

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