LA Weight Loss Huntsville Alabama Review


The LA weight loss website states that it is NOT required to use their products to lose weight but the consultant says that the only way they can guarantee weight loss you have to buy and use their expensive snack bars. On the website, L.A. Weight Loss states that it “is a unique combination of regular foods that you can eat out or purchase at your grocery store AND personalized

one-on-one counseling. This combination makes L A Weight Loss unique and is why L A works! Internal studies have shown that L A clients lose two- to three-times more weight than those on other programs. In fact

we’re so sure we can help you reach your weight loss goal

that L A Weight Loss will guarantee your weight loss on our program in writing””. Now the consultant can only guarantee weight loss if I buy the snack bars for the file of the program. nI spent almost a thousand dollars the first day and each time I’ve gone for a weigh in the consultants were more focused on sales than helping you understand the meal plan. I paid close to four hundred dollars for a three month supply of their snack bars. LA Weight Loss is clearly misrepresenting their service. It’s the old bait and switch tactic. They say one thing on the website and the phone to get you into the program

then they switch on you. And these parasites feed off your fear of not being able to lose weight. It’s criminal what they’re doing. nAngelianHuntsville

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