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I had a move on June 6th at 9 a.m for a 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath, living room, dining room house. The movers arrived about 30-45 minutes late due to someone calling out so the move didn’t start till 9:45. One of the movers barely moved the entire time ,he sat there and maybe lifted 10 bags the whole time so it was basically 2 movers doing the work. It took two trips with the movers to get everything done, we asked the movers to put specific items into a storage unit and in a certain order on what pieces go into the back and what stays up front. The movers just shoved everything in and caused me to have to take everything out and re-do the storage unit because it was so unprofessionally managed. Also, the re-assembling of the bunk bed for my kids took much longer than anyone else ever took to do it. I strongly feel there was alot of ” time wasting” to rack up more hours. It was 4 hours at $375 and then each additional hour at $115. The whole move costed over $800!! I felt it should have ranged between the $500 -$600 mark based on the hours I felt they could have completed the job. I did call and complain to Shelly with the company who said she would work our a deal for me due to the unsatisfaction of the job… she knocked off 8%…barely anything to solve the problem after the hardship i have to deal with now to fix the problems this company costs. I will not be recommending this service to anybody I know because under no circumstances was this labor 4 less. I would have paid a lot less for a more known mover to gave completed this move. I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau if this matter is not resolved in a timely fashion. I do not feel at 8% discount by any means solve this problem.

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