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Complaint: Buyers and Breeders Beware On and around 4/15/12 I contacted a Breeder called Labradoodle Ranch owned and Operated by Maureen Wicker I mailed a $ 1,000.00 payment to Maureen Wicker for a Labradoodle Puppy and after the puppies where born being a breeder myself, I was not pleased with the coats on the puppies, the total price of the puppy was $ 3500.00 and I elected to wait til the next litter was born to see if these puppies looked better to me as a Breeder, I informed Maureen Wicker that they where not breeding quality coats and I did not want to spend $ 3500.00 for one of her pups. Breeders have an ethcial working relationship where quality matters in this breed of dog, i consulted several breeder friends that agreed that these coats where not pleasing and they where okay for pet price but not breeding price. At that time Mrs. Wicker moved from Colo to Michigan, I told her in an email I would be willing to pay pet price, get a puppy and re sell it as I did not want to loose my money, Mrs Maureen Wicker wrote and demanded I pay her in full, she was not returning my money, I offered to take a puppy for same price a customer would and recoup my money, she refused to write me back would not answer my emails regarding this issue of keeping a 1,000.00 and not returning it as an ethical Good breeder should , She made comments to other breeders that she moved and could not afford to pay me my money back. ( that is not my problem, as she sold the puppy and got paid 1800.00 and also received 1,000 more for a puppy . ) This is fraud as she has failed to provide me with a Puppy and or failed to return my money Breeders in our Group that know of this situation have commented that she is wrong and has spent my money and needs to return it. I have also filed reports with BBB, The State Attorney Office in Michigan I simply want a Puppy to re sell or my money back now

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Address: 4576 Herron Road Internet United States of America


Phone: 720-851-6507

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