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I was having sensitivity in my tooth and my dentist couldn’t get me in for a month, so I made an appointment at Lake Erie Dental so I could be seen ASAP. I had no knowledge of his fraud charges before my appointment. I was told I needed a crown that would possibly a root canal, and somewhere around 8 fillings. I was going to be charged nearly $3,500, with insurance covering $1,500. I never in my life had teeth issues so extensive. The receptionist Sue called me later that day and informed me I would need an additional crown. I asked, “why didn’t Sambuchino tell me this himself while I was in his office?” Sue had no answer. I was then informed by someone of his fraud charges, so I decided to get a second opinion. I went to see my reputable dentist, Dr. Jageman, they had a cancellation and I was able to get in quickly for another mouth exam and set of x-rays. He found one small cavity and a cracked filling that needed repaired. This two issues will probably cost less than $100 with insurance. I was so upset learning that Sambuchino would do this much unnecessary and expensive work. I called Lake Erie Dental and explained basically everything I’ve written here so far. It was almost funny listening to Sue fumble her words trying to explain Sambuchino’s actions. I am not angry or bitter, I just want to spread this information so people stay away from a fraud of a dentist. .

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