Lakeview Marina Review


I come to this marina several times a week to fish. I have been for several years. I keep to myself, I don’t cause problems, I’m not much of a talker, but I have had small talk here & there with the workers, regular customers, and some that live in the Rv park. But I’m always listening and watching, I’ve witnessed many different encounters. Latley things have begun to go downhill quickly, It’s unbelievable how these grown adults act. Incredibly juvenile. | New management has been hired by the name of Shelby R. Stocks. Who is or was a registered sex offender. I heard some of the employees gossiping about it, I looked into it, all is true. Shelby recently fired a sweet young hard working girl for one of there reasons 1. young girl speaking out about sexual harassment from previous management 2. he did not want to discuss/deal with young girls parents regarding remarks he personally made towards the young girl (she is a minor) 3. to much crap involved with young girls previous sexual harassment, and young girls parents. All three I’ve been told from either employees, customers, or the ones living on property. If I have overheard or been told these things imagine what all others have been told or heard. It’s unprofessional and makes the whole place look like garbage. The young girl did not deserve this treatment, including her entire family and her being kicked off the marina property. Mainly because new magement let authority get to his head, he went off being hot headed because he didn’t want young girls parents telling him what is okay to say to a minor or what’s not. I can’t find a thing bad to say about the young girl or her family. I have talked to them all and they are all very kind genuine people. If I was young girls parents I would have already gotten hostile and defensive long long ago. It was nothing near this bad when the previous manager was here running this place. There were very few confrontations and for the most part everyone got along. Now it’s to where it’s nothing but a bunch of unhappy people flapping their mouths to see who can win the popularity contest, none of which can keep there nose out of other people’s business. Gossiping, speaking, discussing, or anything else you call it, all of these grown adults continue to talk about other people’s business and confidential information. Sad, sad. My opinion, the marina, new cocky hot headed manager, and the employees can get themselves in serious deep poop talking about any previous employee information, especially knowing one is a minor. | I have to say I was more than satisfied fishing at this marina, but it’s starting to become unwelcoming and very uncomfortable. You can feel the tension, you can hear the gossip being passed from person to person. This can all be avoided if someone simply cared instead of everyone worrying about what everyone else is doing. The owners are not local, they are from Dallas who hardly ever come this way. Well-run companies know that customer retention is critical for long term success. Noticing that some customers have left and other customers are getting frustrated as they should by the way things are being done. I wrote this with hopes that something can be resolved here with setting things straight.

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