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In the section that had coconut water at my local Shaw’s supermarket, I saw an enticing glass bottle with a milky white liquied that looked like creamy coconut milk. It boasted the label “COCONUT: Cold-pressed coconut — dairy free” and featured a picture of four big fresh coconuts underneath. It was priced almost identically to the usual cans of coconut water. I thought I’d give it a try so I purchased it. An hour later when I took my first gulp, I noticed a strange fruity tinge to the liquid. This was quite a shade different from other coconut water or milk I’ve had before, which was much more dry and toned down. I kept drinking it and could not for the life of me figure out why this tasted so strange. I instinctively turned the bottle around and was shocked to learn that this was not exactly coconut water or milk. It was actually white grape juice, with coconut, filtered water, and several other ingredients added in. I was flabbergasted. I spun the bottle back to the front label, and now noticed a tiny bunch of grapes peeking out from behind the four dominating coconuts in the photo, which took up about 20 times more area on the label than the teensy grapes. So much for truth in advertising.

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