Landmark Home Warranty Dallas Texas Review


I purchased the home warranty with the purchase of my home. Within four months both my gas water heater and one of my two AC units quit working. Each time I paid $70 for a technician to come out and identify that the water heater needs to be be replaced and the AC unit has a broken low voltage connection between the blower and the compressor. After each report was submitted I get phone calls explaining why they won’t cover repairs or replacement on either device. So I pay $140 to have them tell me that they aren’t going to honor the “Comprehensive”” $550 warranty that I already paid for. Selling something and then not delivering on that promised service is fraud in my book. Finally

the Customer Service manager wouldn’t even give me a contact number or name for their complaints department or executive office when I asked for it. They do everything in their power to take your money and deliver nothing in return. So I’m warning all potential customers (and their Realtors) – don’t do business with this company. You will regret it. Contract #254081 Sent from my iPad”

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