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I applied on line for a loan. I was notified from Langridge Financial that I was approved for a loan of $10000. I was informed by Gloria Fuller that this loan would cost around $735. I asked her what could I get for $850. She told me $15000. I agreed to send $850 because I needed this loan. Ms. Fuller told me I would get the loan transferred to my account between 2-4 hours. It never came. When I called her back she informed me that I would have to pay $750 because of my credit score. I sent $750. No loan. Then I was informed that the lender wanted more money for insurance. I sent $750. No loan. When I called Langridge Financial I was informed that I had a new advisor. I kept asking why I wasn’t getting this loan. The manager promised me I wouldn’t have to pay any other fees. She even sent me a “guarantee letter” stating no more fees. I still never received the loan. | When I called again, I was transferred to “Gary” who claimed he was the manager. I needed to send $600 more because of insurance fees. I would also get gift cards for my troubles. Because I was desperate and needed this !oan, I sent the money. Gary told me I would receive the loan by 6:00 p.m. I called again and was transferred to the owner of the company. He informed me I had to send $1300 more. He would pay half out of his pocket. If I could come up with $500 I was assured I would receive the loan. Plus within 48-72 hours I would receive the money I had sent for taxes plus the gift cards! I asked the president if he could check with the lender to see if the lender could help me. The president informed me the lender was on vacation and couldn’t be reached. They are supposed to send me a refund. I doubt I’ll ever see it. Never use this company. They are crooked, liars and scammers. Do not trust them!

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