Largo Liquors


The owners of this store are Proud racists! Other negative experiences expressed online do not tell half of the story. First hand, I have experienced their disrespect as they talked down to me with a disposition that can only be described as absolutely shameful. When spoken to in this manner, I politely questioned why they had such an attitude. They responded by telling me that “IF didn’t like it, I could take my business elsewhere!” Taking it a step further, the Korean gentleman suddenly voided my transaction and told me to have a good day. WOW! | That’s just what I did…. took my business elsewhere. MAY WE ALL TAKE OUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE! Once and for all we have to agree that their attitudes are unacceptable and deplorable. They think nothing of their customers. Stupidly, I have been a long-time customer at this location. Though in a African American community, they refuse to hire any African Americans. They will hire any other race of people EXCEPT African Americans. Even if they decide to now hire someone from the community after this report has been filed, STILL BOYCOTT this business anyway. I have witnessed the owners even try to hit on and pick up the African American female customers to get their phone numbers. When those women leave, they talk about them disrespectfully and laugh back and forth right in front of other customers’ faces.

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