Larry, General Revenue Corporation West Chicago Illinois


Complaint: I contacted phone number off bill I had received 888.249.3811. It was for $187 of unpaid doctors expense. I spoke with representatives Larry. I had let him know I recently paid off a balance I had owed and just had a question. He immediately interrupted me an got very rude asking me for my name. He kept sighing like I was bothering him for calling. Saying, ‘address’ , what’s your question’ , getting very short with me. I proceeded to ask him why he was speaking to me in this manner as I was just a customer trying to get some information. He said he wasn’t speaking in any way to me and that they do not handle taking things off credit reports, they just update them and move on. Something seemed fishy to me and I just said thank you and hung up.

Tags: Doctors

Address: 4660 Duke Drive Mason, Ohio USA


Phone: (800) 234-1472

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