Larry H. Miller Toyota Peoria


The last 2 times I went for service, I was overcharged. 1st time: I went for routine oil change, but they tried to convince me to do $1600 of routine maintenance. 2nd time: I went for diagnostic for emissions check and was quoted $189 for diagnostic, but was charged $250. The result of the diagnostic was a $1300 quote for a $50 part and 5-7 hours of labor. I confronted them about over charging for the diagnostic and they insulted me by implying I was lying about the $189 quote. I left them upset at the service and personal treatment. On a nice note, they gave me popcorn and a bottle of water, but I do not go to a car mechanic to overcharged and insulted. I do not recommend anyone bring there vehicle there unless pride and money are of no concern.

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