Larson Doors Tecumseh Michigan Review


Bought a Larson storm door from Lowe’s in Adrian, Mi. around 2001. It didn’t last 5 years before it began deteriorating and now there are holes both inside and outside of the bottom of the door. It appears to be rotting from the inside out. This is a back door, installed correctly and there is a decent roof overhang above it that provides moderate shade. We purchased both a front and back door at the same time and installed them at the same time. The front storm door is mostly glass and isn’t in as bad as shape as the back door which is more plastic than glass. The front storm door handle broke almost immediately and I replaced it with one that was not a Larson brand. nThe back door looks terrible. The old aluminum screen door I replaced looked in much better condition than this new door and it had to be at least 20 years old and out of style but sturdy and intact. Unlike this Larson door which will have to be replaced soon. I will never purchase this Larson brand again. Hopefully, I can find a used older storm door like I threw away to replace this one with because I firmly believe Larson makes them flimsy purposely so they have to be replaced. Other than buying an all wood storm door, they were the cheapest ones I found and now I know why. Just like better made older appliances, everything that was well made over 20 years ago is now a sought-after item, sometimes costing more than it’s newer made counterpart. Pretty sad.

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