Laura Balch Hunter


Mz Hunter, has served several years in prison for bank fraud in the past she is a felon. She is currently living with a 85 year old man whom she met at the Casino. This man is underes ( alcoholic) and is being finacially and verbally abused by Laura Balch Hunter

Alber Chenoweth recently recived a 673,000.00 payment on the sale of his home Since he has recoved the fun, Laura hunter has block people from contacting him,she has taken over all his bank account and is work with a male subject whom we assume she takes direction from Conversation were overheard while she has been on the phone

The Victim Albert Chenoweth thinks that they are a couple but the relaity is. She is nothing less the a con artist who has manipulated her way into his life moved into his home and control every move he makes Adult services,Cps( there’s a child in the home) Edmonds police dept,and several or protection agencies have been notfied.

Stay Clear of this person at all cost, She is dangerous and a full blown con artist. Here is her facebook page

Country United States
State Washington
City Edmonds
Address 23002 102nd Pl w.
Phone 425 931 2788

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