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Complaint: LAUREN CONRAD NORTHWEST OMAHA NEBRASKA – WARNING HIT & RUN DRIVER IGNORS THE SUFFERING THAT SHE INFLICTED ON A VIETNAM VET ON DISABILITY! Lauren Conrad of Omaha, Nebraska crashed into a car from the rear on October 17, 2011 suspect of driving under the influence of alcohol andor drugs. It is suspect that she was intoxicated just leaving the Twin Peaks bar in Omaha where she worked! It is suspect that the bar management and employees provide alcohol to minor females and engages in sex with them. Lauran Conrad left the scene of the PERSONAL INJURY and PROPERTY damage accident that she caused. A HIT and RUN! The POLICE located her after she FLED the scene of the accident and cited her. She was driving without insurance. Her HIGH RISK car insurance allegedly from previous driving citations and issues had been cancelled! She is a white female age 26. The victim had open-heart surgery and five bypasses just months prior to her slamming into him. He was admitted into the EMERGENCY hospital after the accident suffering from injuries caused by Lauren Conrad. She paid two lawyers, one criminal lawyer and one civil to help her escape punishment for her wrongdoing! However, she refused to pay one cent to the person that she HIT and injured. The victim was a decent person and only asked for the damage to his car and his doctor bills about $3,000.00.In addition, he did not pursue escalating her initial charges of leaving the scene of property damage to leaving the scene of a personal injury,nor did he pursue investigations of a DUI. Thus, she received an easy sentence in CRIMMINAL COURT. After the criminal court settlement, she allegedly felt relived of not having to go to jail. Now she is allegedly paying her lawyer Eric Chandler to keep from paying for the injuries that she caused the victim. It is alleged Eric Chandler has been paid some $5,000.00 (padding his pockets) vs. Lauren Conrad paying $3,000.00 to her victim. It is alleged ERIC CHANDLER is MILKING the COW (Lauren Conrad and her mother Kathy) for all of the money he can get and has NO regard for the 67-year-old victim with back injuries and a major heart condition. Eric Chandler has valid medical records of the mans injuries from the hospital, three medical doctors, and a Chiropractor. Most people CONVICTED of a HIT, RUN, and LEAVING THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT, suspect of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with prior driving problems and no insurance go to jail. The victims kindness prompted her getting off with a light sentence and fine.Decent people who are facing a serious conviction and treated kind by their victim may recognize and offer to help that person. However, LAUREN CONRAD is intentionally refusing to acknowledge her wrongdoing after she walked away from serving JAIL TIME! It is opinioned that her actions are DESPICABLE! Lauren Conrad is fighting the Vietnam vet on disability over a lousy $2,000.00 so he can’t pay the attorney that he had to hire to get her tocourt. She not only hit, injured and took off she screwed him out of $2,000.00 for his lawyer fee’s.

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Address: North 150 th Street Omaha, Nebraska United States of America



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