Lauren LaSpina Paoletti


Lauren apparently likes men & women. Nothing wrong with that, but it is wrong to cheat on your husband AND to sleep with a MARRIED man who has kids. You had unprotected sex with my husband right before you got pregnant with your son. There was ZERO discussion about protection from STDs or pregnancy. You easily could have gotten pregnant from my husband. What you did NOT and still do NOT know is that my husband had a vasectomy. As far as you knew he was shooting the real stuff. Had he not had a vasectomy you could have easily have gotten pregnant with his kid. You need help. He is getting help now and is so ashamed at himself and angry at both himself and you. I frankly am just disgusted after seeing your picture. He canít believe he slept with you either and is embarrassed. I asked him if he found you attractive because I just couldnít see him ever being attracted to you and he confirmed he wasnít and it simply was because he had been drinking and you threw yourself at him and invited him up to your room and then once there REALLY threw yourself at him. Ugh, it disgusts me to know he put his p**** in your well-used V. Here is a link if your interested in reading more about your past behaviors: feel you have serious issues and need help. Please also get tested for STDs and inform your husband so he can get tested too. Also, donít ever text or call here again. Especially the 3am texts. You are sick. Seriously, get a life.

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