Lauren Renae Szpara – Westland, Michigan Michigan


My boyfriend and I had been having problems, but who doesn’t.  At the end of the day we both know how in love with each other we are. Or at least I was. Lauren Renae Szpara was my boyfriend’s ex. According to him she lost his baby due to alcohol and drugs, it actually started a fight with his immediate family which is still not fixed. || I noticed whenever we would argue he would bring Lauren Renae Szpara up, we did have a fight one weekend and I know he was with her drinking. I tried to believe that maybe nothing happened. But mainly I was just being naive. Unfortunately, not many guys pay attention to me and he swept me off my feet and had made me feel more beatiful than I’ve felt my entire life. I’m head over heels for him, we’ve discussed marriage and plan on it once we are more financially stable… || I received pictures from a mutual friend of all three of us, that he was with her last night after we had an argument and he swore he was at his moms. After I brought it to his attention he still denied it until he saw the pictures. This girl has made it a point to verbally attack me online while she was messing around with him what I believe has been a large portion of our relationship. || She’s open with them cheating behind my back on her Snapchat after she realized Facebook wasn’t the smartest way to go. While I’m still very hurt, I now know better and won’t ever make this mistake with my heart again.

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