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I have been married to my second husband for 19 years, but together 24 years and we have four beautiful children together. I married my first husband very young and had my first two children (a boy and a girl) with him. We separated while I was pregnant with my second kid, a boy, so when I started dating my current husband, my son was five months old. I met my husband through a mutual friend while we both worked as MCI phone operators. We were very young and make very little then, $7.00 an hour, so supporting my two kids was difficult after the divorce. So my husband, who was just a friend then offered to babysit my kids sometimes while I worked overtime. He said he wanted to help me with that so that I didn’t have to pay so much to the babysitter. Not having family around to help with my kids, this was the nicest thing anyone could have done for me. || Months after he started babysitting my kids, he called me on the phone asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and I accepted. A days later he offered to cook me dinner at his apartment. All the previous times I went to pick up my kids after he babysat, I never went inside his apartment. So, imagine my surprise when I went in and found there were tons of female stuff in the apartment. When I asked, he explained that he used to live with a girlfriend, but they broke up and she moved back to SC and that her brother was supposed to pick up her stuff, but never came. Most of the stuff were packed and in boxes, so I had no reason to doubt his explanation. We continue to date for almost a year, until one night seating outside my own apartment while waiting for him, I noticed another car pull up right after him and a female jumped out yelling at him. I asked what was going on, she said that he was her boyfriend and that they never broke up. So I asked where she’d been because all the times I was at his apartment she was never there. She said she had gone to SC to set up home for them to move close to her father because her dad bought them a mobile home there that needed fixing. He was supposed to move there with her when she returned. He categorically denied that they were supposed to move and insisted that they had broken up before she left. In front of me, he told her they were done because he wanted to be with me. Later on he told me that he broke up with her before she left for SC because they were not getting a long and he didn’t want to move with her and live in a mobile home with her “redneck trailer park family.” His words, not mine. || Months after all that drama, it was income tax season. By this time, he was pretty much spending most of his time at my apartment and had a friend take over his apartment lease until it ended. While getting ready to do his laundry, a paystub from his income tax check fell out of the pocket. There was the stub, but no check. So, I asked where the check went, he said he had to cash it and give her the money because he owed her that money as part of their previous lease arrangement and left over bills. So again, I took his word and we moved on. We had our first daughter together in 1994 and got married in 1995 and life moved on. || Through the years, we have both worked very hard to build a life. We both grew as professionals, managed to now make very good money as senior managers in our jobs. We have paid for our old daughter’s college and watched her graduate on time. We have a beautiful home and had doing the grown up, parent thing until this homewrecker popped up into the picture again. She took to the internet looking for my husband and came across this information that she was looking for my husband on the website, and of course, he had a profile there and she found him and started corresponding. We had a knock out, drag out about it, and he promised he would stop talking to her. This was in 1999. Over the last few years, things at home have gotten super stranger. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I know why. Knowing how easily he gets distracted, because he can’t even cheat well without becoming single-minded, I went searching. Just a I suspected, I discovered emails between the two as recent as June of 2014 and another female as recent as last weekend. Guess hubby likes to exchange pics. LOL || When I confronted him, he used the same approach he does now about any communication attempt…Yell, scream, but never really answering any questions. I told him I was done with his historical stupidity and that he could leave my house and go be with her if that’s what he wanted. This homewrecker is a rotten emotional wreck who overeats, drinks, cuts herself and pops all kinds of pills as if it was going out of fashion. She’s got so many cut marks up and down her left, it’s sad to look at. So, I honestly don’t know what the deal is with him continuing to feel the need to keep in touch with her all these years. If he misses her so much and still loves her, why not just leave, rather than feeding all kinds of BS about how he would never leave me because he choose me 24 years ago and he still loves me. Sadly, as much as I hate her for continuing to try to break up my family, I blame him for being such an idiot and continuing to open that Pandora’s Box. Anyways, I told him, if he was going to cheat, he should at least aim higher, not go lower than he was 24 years ago. I e-mailed her to let her know that I was aware that she was going after him again and that I was done with him and his lying ways, and she could come a get him, but of course, like the chicken shit that she is, she doesn’t have the balls to reply. Mind you not, this wrecker is supposed to be happily married????????? Yeah right! I am in the process of finding her husband and I will make him aware of her shady ways. I have the email exchanges from both and I intend to be forwarding them to her husband and see how he likes that. I’ve worked way too hard to sit back and let some drug head come fuck up my family because I married a lame a** weak man with no morals or values. We are now in our 40s, so why the childish games? Her birthday is 12/3, she turns 45, yet still wears a huge nose ring that looks so stupid on her. || So, Tucson ladies, better watch your man around this lame home wrecker! She lives in the east side, somewhere abound Glenn and Columbus and she loves hanging out in seedy bars. I will make sure she sees this post because I will copy this and email it directly to her. But if anyone would like to give her a heads up, she can be found on FB – Laurie VonCannon-Alvarez from Tucson Arizona!

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