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On February 15, 2017, I purchased a vehicle on ebay sold by the Law Auto Group located at 877 Supreme Dr., Bensenville Illinois. The vehicle was described as NO RUST IN & OUT. When I finally had the vehicle checked by my mechanic here in California, we discovered the frame to body points were rusted out to a point that the vehicle was unsafe to drive This is gross MISREPRESENTATION of the vehicle, I could not even register this vehicle knowing it will fail DMV Safety Test Inspection – temporary permit has now expired. | Furthermore, this vehicle was shipped/originated from Florida, from what Iíve been told, cars sold must come from the dealership, in this case Illinois. Additionally, there was no Used Car Inspection Report provided, this too should also come from the dealership. If such is the case, The Law Auto Group is in Violating of the law. | The vehicle is in SALVAGE state costing over 75% of purchase price. I was confident I was buying from a reputable dealer, but I suspect now they have been buying cars on auction, selling it online without proper dealer inspection. | Ominously, once the item sold on ebay, the ad was immediately pulled out – I called the dealership about this and was assured everything was good. Days later, I find out I could not post any feedback on the seller because the ad was pulled out, which led me to the conclusion that their INTENT TO DEFRAUD. | I spoke with the General Manager, Steven, who calmed me down stating he will not leave me hanging, well yesterday, a week after, April 18, 2017, he said he will not take the car back, that it was my fault and the company referred to by ebay, (WEGOLOOK) for not inspecting the vehicle thoroughly. | I believe he refused to buy the vehicle back after seeing the photos of the condition it was in, ZERO PROFIT. Yes, there was negligence on both our parts, but for not taking the vehicle back has CRIMINAL INTENT added to the equation, knowing fully well people could be injured.

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