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Complaint: While representing Case No. GC 09 1653 in the Michigan 46th District Court, he James G. Schmier (P70825) did nothing. He didnu2019t know what he was doing but didnu2019t know what to do. He worked for the defense attorneys Jeanne Barron and Jeffrey Vollmer NOT plaintiff his client. He allowed an attached counter claim that should have been prevented. A counter claim must attach to the original lawsuit immediately after filing. He, Schmier filed a lawsuit for plaintiff and ex-client 04/2009 in the Michigan 46th District Court. A counter claim attached to it September 2009, months late. This refutes his advertising. He is not an experienced lawyer u201cwill fight for youu201d. He, additionally could not account for funds used/unused. After nine months of doing absolutely nothing, he petitioned the court to withdraw and did. He did not respond to motion and did not appear for hearing; this is notated on transcript. He confessed this to the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission but the transcript proved his guilt. He confessed inept but put on top of it a really big lie. He said he entered the wrong date into his computer. u201cI admit I failed to attend meeting. . . . I made a mistake in entering it in my computer calendar. The hearing was 09/30/2009. I mistakenly entered in my computer calendar for 10/30/2009u201d. Hummmmm Really!!! He did this too, he presented the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission a bogus retainer fee agreement. He did. Yes he did. According to Schmier, he sent (2) copies of the retainer fee to client via US Mail but neither was returned to him. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Hummmm stupid, pure stupidity. The ex-client NEVER received either of the two retainer fee agreements because he (Schmier) NEVER prepared/submitted them. He LIED. The subject matter concerning a retainer fee agreement between Schmier and client NEVER ever surfaced. After nine months of doing nothing, he (Schmier) said u201cthis case is hard. He said that this case is hard but also exposed his NEGLECT and Civil Conspiracy. Client accompanied by a Birmingham, Michigan police officer retrieved all case files from Schmier at his Birmingham, MI office (2222 Attard St.) December 2009. This was before the January 2010 court date to hear argument to release him as counsel. He (Schmier) NEVER had conversations with the Birmingham, MI police officer concerning escorted client. He said he did. He LIED. The Birmingham, MI police officer denies his allegation. u201cI did not tell him that and I did not write that in my police report. I was leaving right behind you [ex-client]. He did. Schmier, therefore, has compromised and damaged a Birmingham, Michigan police officeru2019s reputation and ex-client. He went that far for Attorney Jeanne V. Barron, Raftery, Janeczek & Hoelscher/Farmington Hills, MI (white female woman lawyer looks like a man). He went that far for Attorney Jeffrey L. Vollmer (Wegner & Associates, P.C/Saint Clair Shores, MI). They surrendered him something and or promised him something (Jeanne Barron and Jeffrey Vollmer, something he wanted it u2013 real bad. Evidence of the habit of a person or of the routine practice of an organization, whether corroborated or not and regardless of the presence of eyewitness is relevant to prove that the conduct of the person or organization on a particular occassion was in conformity with the habitor routine practice (Reading from the Michigan Rules of evidence 404). He, attorney James G. Schmier made habit of stating inaccurate information. He (Schmier) is a No. 1 Loser and Master Liar. He lies all over the map. How he ever attained a Michigan Law License is yet a mystery. He, no doubt embarasses the Michigan State Bar – That Dumb Dumb Lawyer! By the way, he didnu2019t show up in court to represent himself (01/11/2010). He petitioned the court to withdraw (Case No. GC 09 1653) but did not/could not show his face in court. He wasnu2019t feeling well. Hummmm, Really!!!. Do not invest in this attorney James G. Schmier. Do not invest in his law firm, Schmier Law, PLLC (Birmingham, MI) and or other businesses associated with him: 1). Dui-Detroit (Birmingham, MI) and 2). J. Schmier Productions, Ltd (Birmingham, MI). WARNING!!! RED FLAG!!!!! His advertisements are ALL FALSE, He is not an experienced lawyer. Heu2019s not an expert in criminal law, DUI, Divorce, etc. He is not an expert at anything. The Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission was/is non-helpful, blogs and complaint boards are. The attorney, James G. Schmier filed a lawsuit in the Oakland County Circuit Court, Case No. 2011-123947-CZ. Those complaint boards hurt his reputation, APPARENTLY. Case was disposed. Alike Jeanne Barron, his hands are not clean. He could not approach the court with unclean hands. His complaint approached the court with unclean hands and improper venue – That Dumb Dumb Lawyer The complaint, Case No. 2011-123947-CZ stated more non-truths than actual truths. Judge William J. Richards in the Michigan 46th District Court released him as counsel (Case No. GC 09 1653) 01/11/2010 NOT 07/20/2010 as stated in the 2011-123947-C lawsuit. Document signed by Judge William J. Richards proves this. The Michigan 46th District Court Clerk Wanda Frost on 12/22/2009 forwarded to all parties a Notice of Hearing that was scheduled 01/11/2010. Judge William J. Richards on 01/11/2010 granted the petition, counsel (James G. Schmier) to withdraw. The complaint, 2011-123947-CZ said also that defendant filed a complaint against him with the State Bar of Michigan. He lied. Defendant and ex-client filed a complaint against him (Schmier) with the Attorney Grievance Commission (Detroit, MI) NOT the State Bar in Lansing, MI. Proof of this appeares in his lawsuit, 2011-123947-CZ u2013 correspondence signed by Ruthann Stevens who is associated with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission. LOL practicing law. Itu2019s sad that Schmier did not fully comprehend just what Ruthann Stevens stated in that correspondence, but sadder and rather embarrassing that he filed that complaint and attached to it that correspondence penned by Stevens. He filed a formal complaint in the Oakland County Circuit court accompanying numerous exhibits, one of them was correspondence from Ruthann Stevens at the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission (Detorit, MI) but the Attorney Grievance Commission is located is in Wayne County [Michigan] NOT Oakland County [Michigan]. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. His claim, case no. 2011-123947-CZ was frivious and abuses the law system. Also, he approached the court with unclean hands. He, the attorney James G, Schmier initiated a defamation lawsuit but in it defames his defendant and ex-client u2013 that Dumb Dumb Lawyer. The Thumbtack site advertises this attorney, James G. Schmer u201chire James Schmier if you need an agressive criminal defense lawyer who is also experienced in drunk driving and family law. LOL !

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