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When I first hired Jeremy, he asked for $3,000.00 “pre-filing” retainer to work on my file`1. He promised he can drop the case, as he phrased it “it’s a piece of cake, Irvine police needs to take it easy a bit.” Once he got his money, he did not get in contact with me to discuss my case- and every time I called his office, I would leave a message and never receive a call back. Fast forward to my hearing, no one from his office informed me of my hearing date, time and location. I had called their office and the receptionist indicated to me Jeremy did not make an appearance but sent an associate lawyer to continue the hearing, for no reason. Jeremy did not bother to communicate the situation with me, instead just continued my hearing 30 days, not putting me or my case a priority. Once confronted with delaying my case, he started blaming me for not following up in regards to my case indicating “You need to follow up with my office for your upcoming court dates and come to the courthouse with me for the any results.” He did not answer my calls, let alone call me back with information on my case for two months. He is a scam-artist, dishonest, unethical, and most importantly a liar. | If you need representation do not work with this attorney. | He will not work on your case… He only drags the case so he can charge you more money hourly once the case goes to Trial. | He refused to refund my retainer as I was extremely unhappy with his services. It seems this is his master plan, to steal clients’ money without doing any work. In my opinion, he was delaying my case so I would hire him for my other case, which is more complex. | When I asked for a refund, he said “I’m a criminal defense attorney, I can defend myself against the bar and criminal.” Now keep in mind, my case is only a misdemeanor, a simple case, which cost me $3,000.00 with no work completed. I only express my frustration so no one else experiences what I went through again. | Shame on you Jeremy Goldman.

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