Lazy springs atv park Naples Florida Review


Bill McDaniel is the owner of lazy springs atv park in imokolee Florida. The facility is tarable to say the least. I went there with my family hopping to have some recreational family fun but all I experienced was nothing but frustration of the mx track conditions. the $20.00 a person that I paid was not worth our time driving to this so called atv park i complained to the owner and asked for our money back but he refused! 1 witnessed a man fall offf his dirt bike and get ran over by another rider comming over a jump that did not see him. if this was a safe place there should ba flag people that stand in the general area to floor for downed riders. i also witnessed people riding around on atv, quads, direct bikes with out helmets, or boots on. i even saw people riding around on jeeps drinking beer, also atv riders drinking beer. there was only one outhouse bathroom in the 200 acers area. i couldn’t find not one employee tas report the accident to i do not suggest this place to anyone.

8909 Florida 82, Immokalee, Florida Immokalee, Florida USA

+1 (239) 253-6310

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