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I was called the LBF travel Inc to book our flight me my boyfriend and my 3 months old baby on march 6, 2014 at 11pm. I forgot the name of call agent an Indian guy that was very rude talking to me because of our names. I keep calm talking to him then I book a flight going to Montreal on march 11, 2014 for the 3 of us.. I paid credit card then after that our flight was confirm he tOld me to check my email then I got the confirmation. Then 8 am in the morning march 7 2014 one of the agent of LBF travel Inc phones me to confirm our flight on march 11, 2015 at 5.00 at Calgary airport and the amount to is $1,504.00 Canadian dollars. I asked him twice about Canadian dollars not US dollars and he said yes yes yes ma’am Canadian dolllars. Then march 11, 2014 we came in Calgary airport at 3:15 pm then I shown the the email that the LBF travel send in my email add. And the lady said that they don’t have our name in their list going to Montreal then I told her it was confirm then she check and check but sadly to say our name are not in their list. Then after that I called the LBF travel Inc I was talking to Rachel that our flight was cancelled I was shock and started to cry because we travel from red deer to Calgary with our 3 months old baby. I was asking why it was cancelled and no one of them call or cOntact me to inform that our flight was cancelled. and she lied to me she said that they’re trying to call me but no answer and she told me that they send me an email but no one call me and no email too.. I was begging them to book us because we have a baby I was talked 4 call agent of LBF travel Inc. She said she going to book us march 12, 2014 at 10:30 am we don’t have choice and they charge me $1,795. 00 and we stay in the airport all night with our baby and he slept in the chair. we can’t get hotel because it’s too expensive. 9 am in the morning after I charged my phone I check my email then I received an email from the hotel in montreal that our room was canceled and they’re charge me $395.00 then I called and I was talking to the owner and tell about what happened to us and he said that the room was occupied and he will charge $395.00 and he said that the LBF should paid for that too.. Then when we was in Montreal airport I called my bank to confirm how much the LBF got in my credit card and they’re over charged me it supposed to be $1,795.00 Canadian dollar and they took $2,135.00. This is too much we don’t know we can complaint about it.. Everybody said we should sue the LBF travel Inc for what they did to us. I hope you guys help us .. Thank you and more power.. GOD BLESS

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