LBSI Automotive LLC Review


I came here to buy my first car. I’m 27 years old and have a very young child. This was my first car. My life has been very hard, especially financially. So when tax season came, I was overjoyed to finally get a car to make my life a little less inconvenient. Boy, was I wrong to come here! I bought an 05 nissan maxima for $2699. At first glance and on the test drive, everything went perfectly. A few days later I heard some knocking noises and had it looked at. | To my surprise, it needed new windshield wipers, front tires, front brakes, rotors, sway bar links all around. Ok, a few minor repairs were expected on a used vehicle so I saved for that. The lot is 40 mins from my home, making traveling there in an unreliable vehicle not an option for them to repair. About a week after those repairs, my car starts smoking under the hood. I had it looked at by 2 different mechanics, and both said a high pressure hose for power steering fluid needed replaced and was likely punctured by the mechanics lbsi hired to fix a previous issue they claimed the lot had repaired prior to purchase. | At this point, I had no more money to sink into the car, although it was undrivable and very unsafe for my child and i. So I called and they agreed to repair it. After 3 days, I finally get my car back. (Mind you, I had to pay 150$ to have it towed to the lot). On the way back, the car started smoking so bad, I had to pull off the road because my child was gasping for air, and puking from coughing due to the fumes coming into the car. Once we were safely able to get home, I called and complained that it was still smoking. | A sales rep from lbsi said it was likely run off fluid from the leak burning off still and assured me that was “probably all it was”. I gave it a few days, and there was no improvement. I had one of the mechanics who had previously looked at it and took pictures before it was “repaired” and after. To both our surprises, not a thing had been touched. No new hose, nothing.. they even claimed that my car was there so long because they had to wait on that part! So I called and emailed for 2 days and finally I spoke with someone who acted annoyed that I was even calling about it. | They then put me on the phone with the mechanic who worked on my car. He openly admitted that they in fact did not touch the car and claimed there were no leaks! Then, rudely claimed that it must have been my fault because the car was fine when he looked at it. (Weird I would pay with my own money and pay 2 mechanics to diagnose this serious safety issue and pay myself to have it towed there even though it had no leaks, right?) I hung up on the guy and called lbsi because the mechanic was so rude to me, I was on the verge of a panic attack. | The rep at lbsi said to me “well mam, how am I supposed to know what they did or didn’t do?!” They were all very rude to me even though they’ve cause me all this grief thus far.. oh and at this point my mechanic also said my tie rods are failing. At this point, I didn’t trust their incompetent mechanics to work on my car. So, having no extra cash to fix any morw issues, I asked for my money back. He very rudely said no we are not giving your money back to you. So I had to cry and beg them to come get it themselves to repair since I was completely out of options. | They’ve now had my car for 5 days straight tomorrow to complete a 4.5 hr job (max). I have a very bad feeling that these issues are not going to be completely gone, (also check engine and ABS lights came on AFTER I bought it.) They have caused me so much mental and financial disdain that I don’t want anyone else to go through this. They’ve risked my child’s life and my own and don’t feel the least bit responsible. This one thing that was supposed to make my life just a little easier has done just the opposite. | I used to have regular panic attacks. I hadn’t had one in years until this car, and I have had 2 major ones since all this mess. I wouldn’t wish this anxiety on my worst enemy! Please do your research and don’t get scammed like I did! I still hold out hope that they won’t completely disappoint me and fix what they should fix, and make this car as safe and reliable as they made it out to be. I’ve barely been able to drive it and have owned it for almost a month. They’ve kept it for a total of 8 days for a leak in a hose. Do not give them your money, you will regret it!

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