Le City Deluxe Magazine


We met Claudia Trimde’s because one french relation explained she was a good professional who could help us to develop our new business with his Le City Deluxe magazine. She explained that her magazine was distributed in large hotels, restaurants and trendy hairdressers. As our store was selling swimsuits and luxury underwear, we trusted her. We signed a contract worth more than $60,000 for 6 issues included Facebook and newsletters. Unfortunately the reality was otherwise with his false kindness, his false air of stars, she was very strong with promesses. She took no commitment and we were faced with a breach of the order. Because after verification, we found the magazine in any hotel and no newsletter either. We asked to her to give the lasts magazines and never she gave us. She stole us. Be careful with Claudia Trimde’s, because she is a professional to sell you wind.

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