Lea Sullivan Cambridge, Maryland Maryland


Hello so I’ve been with my husband for seven years but we have been married for three. In August of last year my husband started acting really funny toward me, accusing me of cheating on him so we argued a lot.  So I started going thru his Facebook and looking thru his phone messages and sure enough, he was talking to this female from work. I met her one time before and she told him she didn’t like me, I looked stuck up. He always clowned this girl so for me to see messages and stuff back and forth between them just threw me. So I didn’t say much about it, I let it go. || December comes along and there’s a knock on my door its my husbands brother serving me with papers for a divorce. So I asked my husband about it he told me he didn’t love me anymore and I was cheating on him he put me down for adultery when I wasn’t the one doing anything. I started bringing up everything I knew about him and her and how I knew why he was coming home late. I tried to confront her a bunch of times but she would always run or avoid the conversation. This man went around and told everyone horrible things about me to make himself look good. || Anyway back in March I moved. While I was gone he was telling me how much he loved me and wanted this and wanted that. I was going thru so much at the time, my father just got diagnosed with cancer so I was stressed but being I loved this man with all my heart, I was hoping it would work. I thought once I got back to get or daughter we could work on things but I was wrong. While I was in Maryland he comes home with our daughter to tell me my father passed away. I lost it. Not one time did he hug me or tell me everything was going to be OK. My six year old daughter held me an told me it was going to be alright. He left me home to go be with this B**ch they went out drinking and having a good ol time. That’s when I knew this man didn’t care about me. This female really had the nerve to text me that night and say sorry for your loss. It took everything I had in me not to go mess this girl up. || My daughter is with her dad now for the summer and this girl is always around trying to play mom. My daughters dad can never spend one on one time with our daughter. He should know that our daughter is hurting right now and spend that time with her. But no he chooses to be with his new girl. She has ruined our family now its time for me to ruin her life. You’re a homewrecking whore and I hope you get yours. Karma is a B**CH!

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