Leader Relocations Complaint


Bad service and unprofessional people I”ve shipped my household (25 cartons and bike) from Abu Dhabi to Germany against a hefty amount. they promised to ship in 50 days, I received after 100 days, more than three months after chasing through phone and many emails with a missing carton. Their agent in UK Greens Movers are also the same, they sent the shipment with a driver without any helpers! He reached late at night and he has to carry everything alone from his truck to my place. The bike was inside a wooden crater and he doesn”t have any idea how to download it, I had to help him while suffering from back pain, it took us Around two hours to break the wooden crater using some house tools and download the bike, then noticed that they have left the front light on so battery died and I had to push it it up the slope to reach the garage while it”s too heavy. the whole process since removing until delivery was a nightmare, I had to buy almost half of the shipped items which costed me a lot. Since last Monday I sent them three emails asking about carton no..14 but no answer!,

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