Lease Finance Group LLC mt holly New Jersey


Complaint: Lease Finance Group was taken money out of our checking account monthly for so called Credit card equipment that we did not even have from them. When we realized what was going on we cancelled our checking account so they could not receive any more money from us. Then we started receiving phone calls from them constantly. We finally told them we were getting our lawyer involved and the calls stopped for awhile. Then the letters started coming in demanding the money and equipment we never had in the first place. What started out at $61.50 they wanted has now gone up to $1644.30. We have sent numerous letters and made numerous phone calls demanding they show up a contract. It’s been 4 years and they still have yet to produce any contract. this company is a total rip off! Someone needs to stop these people from harrassing people for money that is not owed to them!!!

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 65 East Wacker Place Suite 510 Chicago, Illinois USA


Phone: 800-683-5433

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