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March 17, 2014 paid $200.00 for my son to receive assistance in filing forms for visitation/custody of his 3 children. Mike Hutchinson stated that somebody would contact my son that day but they didnn’t. Jeremy my son recieved a message last week when he was on the job but he has called numerous times and doesn’t recieve a return phone call. As of April 15, 2014 Legal Expert Services will be billing my credit card $40.00 for monthly maintenance fees. I have called Mike Hutchinson at 1-8–697-8613 and he doesn’t answer nor does he return phone calls. I am on a limited income and so is my son. I am assisting him as much as possible because my 3 grandchildrens lives are in danger. My son was never married to the mother of his 3 children but they lived together for 12 years. My oldest grandson is 10, my grandaugher is 8 and the youngest grandson is 2. My son video in a public parking lot the day he was going to have the 3 children for the weekend. Thank God because his ex’s boyfriend flipped out when he was being video and said that those were his kids and that he just got out of prison 2 weeks prior. My son left with the 3 childrend and his ex used her boyfriends phone and reported to 911 that her 3 children had been kidnapped. Robert Evans the ex’s boyfirend has an extensive poslice, prisona and jail record. Has 9 felony assualts with a deadly weapon and broke into my sons house and trashed the house and stoled his pistol. The Flagler County Sheriffs departmet acknowledged that his person was high buat stated that Florida Law states that the children must be with the mother. I told this to Mike Hutchinson and he promised they would refer to an Attorney and that my son would recieve assistane in filing the proper paperwork with the courts. I am disabled and have seizures and this is really upsetting because I am concerned about the grandchildren. .

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