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I was sent a loan contract with the heading bearing the logo of Lending Club so i check them out on the web they seem reputable, so I looked at the loan contract well there were several things in the contract i didn’t understand like I would need to purchase insurance and carry the coverage for the entire time of the loan so i set it aside. The next day I had three missed phone calls in which they had left voice mail messages all three people gave me different names telling me to call back and talk to them, then an Adam Benson called stating he was from lending club and was to help me get the loan funds deposited I told him I had questions first and asked why i would be required to have insurance he stated that they had so many people not pay back their loans that it was now required. Well I told him I didn’t want the insurance he said I would just need to send a money gram for 212.00 and that it would be deposited into my account along with the loan amount, I stated that i could not do that til thursday and he said he would contact me back on thursday. After our conversation I Decieded to call the number he had called me from but the call said it was a non working number which maid me even more suspicious so I went to Lending Clubs official web site and found stated in there facts that there are several states which they do not yet lend to because of legallities, I then called the number listed and talked with customer service and told him what was going on he asked me for the persons name and the web address the contract came from and assured methat it did not com from them and it was a scam. The person Adam Benson called me later that afternoon and I told him to get lost. .

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