Took out $900.00 personal loan with lendup paid down to $697.00 & then took debt consolidating loan from my bank that sent a cashiers check to lendup’s payment address of 237 kearny st. 372 sf. Ca. 94108 it’s different from business address. On bush st. The check was sent certified mail & signed for by crystal twal on april 5th 12:05pm. | I noticed that the amount to payoff kept going up after the check was sent above the amount the check was written for so i sent several small payments all $10.00 or less to keep it lower than check amount. I called several times & got phone tag & runarounds & told they never got the check & told to send another. Sending another is not an option since the bank won’t cancel a casters check for 90 days & why send another check since the first was received & signed for by them. | I explained this to them & was told they would report to credit bureaus & that they would continue to charge interest & fee’s. I told them that i would report to Yscam & dispute with credit bureaus since i have all proof & evidence & that they did & do have my payment in full since april the 5th. I said they are coming across as a fraudulent company & i’m sorry i ever did business with them or words to that extent.

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