Len’s Auto Brokerage Tucson Arizona


Complaint: If you looking for a safe reliable vehicle, you need to look some where else. If your looking for rude very unprofessional management of a company this is the spot for you.My Experience with Lens: Ive been told lens was a great company for years, I thought ok we should go check it out. so we did and spoke with Mathew nice guy, pleasant to deal with no “pressured”” feeling. We gave them $2000 the day we got the car

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Address: They told us we need another $1000 to make the deal final I said ok I will give $500 out of my next checks every 2 weeks. Perfect went fine

Website: down $3400 for a vehicle I had less than 45 days

Phone: the actual payment came do the following week on an off payday so I paid the lease payment 5 days late. But before I could make the payment the motor went out. 30 days into the contract and the motor goes out. ok mind you in Arizona the law states there is a 15 day or 500 mile warranty and of course we were out of that. so the mechanic shop of lens found a motor gave the price of $1800 for a new motor. I just gave all the money I had for the down payment I don’t have that kind of money. so I offered to pay half. he accepted but forced me into signing a contract for that also at $450 for 2 months when I had told him I could only do $300 for 3 months. 10 days after getting the car back from the new motor install the AC fan goes through the radiator. Repair bill = 600 because it was not part of the motor its not covered under the new motor warranty. now we are at $2400 in repairs in less than 45 days. I can not knowingly put my wife and 4 children in a vehicle that’s not reliable

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