Leonard DeFrancisci DEMACO New York


Complaint: Leonard DeFrancisci and his Fantasy Business – The DeFrancisci Machine Company – ‘DEMACO’ going Bankrupt, because of this Arrogant Idiot. I used to work for his father in Brooklyn NY, before they moved Company to Melbourne Florida. This Moran must be a real disgrace to his R.I.P father. No one take this Egomaniac seriously, everyone knows He is a joke and everyone is laughing openly…I’ve heard that someone finaly overstepped this sick individual. Finally Good Riddance, and why is anybody surprised ? It must be hard, and I feel bad for all the good people who are under this vindictive Idiot-Military Regime. Fear retaliation and harm what this sick individual can do to their careers if they formally report him to the authorities. Looks like Mr. Big Marine Colonel is already in Panic Mode, because of his abuse of power his future in Military should go straight to the toilet..unless society is OK with lack of ethics, military regime at work place, incompetence, corruption and total stupidity. Today DEMACO carry only one tradition of supporting this lazy, very sick individual. How Dare Anyone NOT OBEY HIM…!??

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 7610 Coral Dr. West Melbourne, Florida USA

Website: www.demaco.com/

Phone: 321-952-6600

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