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Complaint: Jason at Les Schwab, Kirkland WA is covertly hostile to customers. He also falsely accuses them of lying. I have done business with Les Schwab in several states over thirty years and been a Christian for almost as long. I no other situation have I felt so much like swearing as when dealing with Jason. I even gave him a second chance, and tried working with him again. The first case I had asked for my old tires to be kept with the car when I bought new ones. They forgot and could only find 3 of them. Then he dug an old dirty one up that wasn’t even the same size and said there are my 4 tires. I asked him because he couldn’t find the other one, that this one became the right one. He said yes. The second case I was having difficulty with a vibration in my vehicle when at highway speeds. I was working with the car dealership, and they suggested I have Les Schwab check the balance, which I did. Jason then accused me of making up some vibration story. I invested thousands of dollars trying to solve the situation; it was not a made up story. Now that I see all the other stories on Les Schwab, I see they have fallen far from the original company I started doing business with; it’s time to move on to other tire stores. Rick Kirkland, WashingtonU.S.A.

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Address: 12410 128th Ln NE, Kirkand WA Kirkland, Washington U.S.A.


Phone: 425-821-2743

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