Les Schwab Tire Center cle elum Washington


Complaint: We took our 2005 Subaru outback to the Ellensburg Les Schwab for an oil change on 3/16/05, several days later we noticed our car was smoking, and then the transmition seemed to be slipping, so we called Subaru for an appointment. They then discovered that the last person to change the oil had mistaken the transmition filter (which is a lifetime filter) for the oil filter and damaged it trying to get it off. The transmistion fluid had poured out of the car, causing the smoking and the trasmistion needs to be replaced. Les Schwabs manager “Troy”” states its our word against his… however in thier paperwork they marked off our transmission fluid id full and clear? How did it leave our car in a few days unless they damaged the filter? We are going to have to pay for this out of pocket as Suberu will not honor its warrenty as we had our oilchange elswhere

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Address: Suberu however has taken pictures of the damage and they plan to write statements as to what they think happened during and after our 3/16/05 service at Les Schwab. WE are currently looking to recover our $$ from Les Schwab! Bobbi cle elum

Website: 509-304-9061

Phone: WashingtonU.S.A.”

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