Lexi Morgan Photography


The photo shoot with lexi morgan was great. She was so good with the kids. Afterward, she showed a serious lack of business sense and customer service. | To see the raw images and choose the 20 to be edited, i needed to send her three emails over a course of two weeks. Because it took so long, she said she’d edit 30 instead of 20. | Then, the favorites to be edited were chosen within days. On march 23rd, she said they’d be done on march 30th. They weren’t. Many emails to follow up were ignored. | On april 3rd, she said they’d be done by april 9th. They weren’t. Many emails to follow up were ignored. | On april 15th, she said they’d be done the next day. The next day, she submitted 20 that weren’t edited the way she said she would edit based on discussions at the shoot and emailed. She said she did very basic edits and it would take longer to do the edits she promised. | Then, after that, she said we would only be getting 10, not 20. | How much time to get the 10, 20, or 30 images? I don’t know because she doesn’t reply to emails and when she does, she continues to change her deadlines and services. | At this point, i’ve hired another photographer to edit the images as they are terrible – very blue, not white balanced, and do not look like professional quality. When i brought this up to her, she claimed that was her style of photography. | After going through this process, a Yscam was discovered mentioning something very similar to another groupon customer.

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