LG Appliances Mendham New Jersey Review


LG Appliances may look nice, but they have defects in design, manufacturing, quality assurance and product warranty. Following constructing our new home, I moved a 1992 Kenmore W/D pair that were still working to a basement laundry area and purchased brand spanking new LG W/D units for the upstairs laundry. Right away we had vibration-induced noise from the washer unit when it was in spin cycle. The appliance installer worked on it for hours in an attempt to level it to eliminate the vibration. Although he reduced it, he could not eliminate the noise. He couldn’t understand it because our utility room floor is porcelein tile on durarock CBUs on 3/4″T&Gs on 14″” TGIs spaced 12″” on center with no span greater than 12 feet. There should be ZERO vibration. We were moving in the following day

so I told the guy to not worry about it – “”we’ll just close the door””. However

at night when all else is quiet

you can easily hear the washer high frequency ‘tapping’ 2 rooms away! Jump forward 2.5 years from installation and now the dryer is making a thud


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