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I purchased an LG Dryer from Lowes approximately 4 years ago. About a week ago, it developed a significant gas leak. PSEG had to turn off gas, repairman was called and cost me 139.00 for diagnosis. He said the gas valve and another part required replacement costing 691.00. Thank God my house didnt explode. I contacted LG and the corrospondance is below. 9:53 AM Chauntelle: Hello susan mulvihill. Welcome to LG Electronics U.S.A. Support only. How may I provide you with excellent service today? 9:54 AM Chauntelle: Hi Susan, good morning! 9:55 AM susan mulvihill: Hi, I had purchased the dryer from Lowes approx. 4 years ago. The dryer has a gas leak in the valve and requires 691.00 to fix, plus the repairman cost of 139.00. 9:55 AM susan mulvihill: I don’t think this is fair after 4 years 9:56 AM Chauntelle: I am sorry to hear about this. 9:56 AM susan mulvihill: what, if any are your quality standards? 9:57 AM Chauntelle: Does the gas already checked by a gas tech? 9:57 AM susan mulvihill: this is upsetting, and I don’t think I will be buying any LG in the future 9:57 AM susan mulvihill: yes, I had PSEG here. and a repairman 9:58 AM susan mulvihill: thank God my house didn’t explode 9:58 AM Chauntelle: I really apologize that you are having this problem. 9:59 AM susan mulvihill: what recourse do I have? I am buying a different manufacturer now but am still out a lot of money due to poor product from LG 10:00 AM Chauntelle: Is the service tech who checked your unit was come from one of our authorize service center’s? 10:01 AM susan mulvihill: The repairman was from Anytime Service, but PSEG also confirmed that the dryer was faulty. 10:04 AM Chauntelle: I see but unfortunately as much as I want to help you with the repair Susan the unit is way out of warranty. 10:04 AM Chauntelle: I’m sorry about that. 10:05 AM susan mulvihill: ok no problem, I figured that you wouldnt be helpful. I will proceed and complain to Ripoff Scams and other blogs. Have a nice day. Reply, Reply All or Forward | More

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