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I should first start out by saying that this company has continued to state they are BBB rated A, when in fact they are not even accredited. They have stated this in messages left for me and it even states it on their website with is false advertisement. I made an initial agreement with Liberty Relocation for a set amount of items. When they came and packed and moved my items they increased the amount I owed by over $1,000. They then told me that I needed to sign that they picked up my items but I could discuss price at a later date. They lied as I had now signed a new contract without them telling me. I tried multiple times to contact management, and they never called me back. The day before my things were to be delivered I desperately tried to contact someone to speak to about this, but again all the management was gone for the day and they could not help me. On the day of my move they were supposed to be here at 9 am and I explained that I had a job interview in the afternoon at 2 pm and that they needed to be here before then. They agreed. On the day of the delivery I did not hear from them. I finally called at 10:30 and they stated they would not be there until; after 12. I explained I had a job interview and could not have them deliver then but they stated they had to and I had no choice. When my items finally arrived all of the furniture they packed was damaged or was missing parts. Every single box was completely mangled. This was enough of a disaster. However, what is the most disturbing is that this moving company opened and went through my boxes, found a box of checks buried in my kitchen supplies, stole 2 checks and wrote one out for $750 and cashed it. The check number was directly linked to the checks that I had packed. The check was cashed a week before my items were delivered. Liberty Relocation was in possession of my items for 2 weeks before the check was cashed and for a week following. They were the only ones who had access to this box and my checks. I notified my bank and a police report was filed. I have attempted to contact Liberty Relocation about this, but have continued to not get any calls back. I have attempted to contact Bobby who was the salesman I originally spoke with who organized my move. He originally told me he would have the owner call me back within a few moments and to stay by my phone. He never called. I have tried multiple times to contact Bobby via phone and text, but he continues to not respond. I have tried calling customer service but all they tell me is that someone will call me back later in the day. This happens daily and I have never had anyone call me back.

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