We signed up for Life Shield via DirecTV/AT&T thinking it would be a great security system. | WRONG | They advertise 3 levels of packages, and on the outside they look great. But here’s what we were told. | We could cover the apartment and the house under one account. FALSE | They would wave ALL fees and installation. FALSE | They would not charge us for the extra equipment they “Threw in” FALSE | They got here, and we were promptly told that because it’s 2 addresses, we could not link the house and apartment under one roof. Ok, no big. We ask to downgrade. She said we can’t do that, and that we were being charged $40 MORE than we were told. | There is apparently a $40 camera fee for EACH camera, which we were told she would throw in at no cost. They also would not allow us a second box without a second account, and that would run us double the bill. So already we’re being told our bill is $120/month, instead of the $40 we were told. Oh, but we get $10 off the direcTV bill! Gee golly! | Come to find out as I’m on the phone with a lifeshield agent, we had never talked to one up until this point, we had onlhy spoken to direcTV reps, who were not authorized to handle this. Their names were Dorris and Issac. Thanks LifeShield, way to take advantage of us. Thankfully we were able to cancel.

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