LifeSmart Products Decatur Georgia Review


I purchased one of this company’s infared heaters through Groupon. When it arrived and did not work, I followed the instructions in the manual that came with the unit to obtain service and support. I called their 866 number, where I stayed on hold for 45 minutes, only to get disconnected. I called again immediately, this time leaving a message as instructed, with all the information requested, expecting a call back within a couple busines days. Four business days later, I called them again and held the line for 15 minutes this time before being disconnected. I rang back again immediately, and actually got a person who was cordial, but unappologetic, and told me that since the unit never had worked…would not even turn on, I should just return it to Groupon for exchange or refund; that essentially their warrenty covers only “functional”” parts; and since my unit never functioned

it was just defective and not eligible for warranty repair or replacement. I should have known

the first page of their owners manual is information on how to obtain service and support! And the second step in obtaining help with one of their expensive

not working

products is for the me

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