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This company is dishonest and will not listen to customers. I have been trying to get my money back and they refuse based on dishonest advertising. Here is what they did to me: My future wife purchased some wedding stuff on Feb 26th. I should have known right then and there this company was crooked when the bank shut her CC off due to security reports. Since she could not pay for the items I used my CC and purchased the items. We purchase all the items because they said on the site 5-8 days delivery. Well that was a lie it took weeks just to process before shipping. On march 10th 7 whole days before they said it would be ready to ship. I started looking at rip off websites and reading horror stories about this company. They have been ripping people off for years. So fearing for my purchase and running out to time to buy a wedding dress and stuff I cancelled the order, they told me in a ticket system( because there is no one to call or speak to about anything) that I would have to pay 50% return fees because the dress was custom made and had already been made. Days went by and the tickets came back saying we are still shipping even though I specifically asked for my order to be cancelled. LightInTheBox Customer ServiceMarch 10, 2017 05:23 AM From: charles smithI have cancelled this order due to the fact that you advertise you ship in 5-8 days , but neglect to let consumers know that processing is 2 weeks as well.It is kind of disheartening that you do not actually let consumers know the actual time frame it takes. This is kind of bait and switch tactics. PLease let me know when my refund has been processed.Charles They gave me the run around and shipped the package anyways DHL. So I called DHL and refused the package. Their response to my refund is that they shipped it so no refund. This is a very crooked shady dishonest company that runs out of China and has no real ties to the USA so stay away don’t buy anything!!! Don’t be a Victim!! Charles

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