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We bought the DSTV Explora via the TV add for R899 which included the installation which we received within a week and the installation could only be done by Lighthouse Electronics 3 days after receiving the decoder. We were advised by the installers that getting an extra decoder would be a good idea as our Old PVR would not be able to be fixed should we experience problems with it. Then saw the deal of paying R999 for the Explora if we traded in our Old PVR which we did. Since we had both Explora running through the LNB we experienced E48-32 errors constantly meaning that for a whole 3 weeks we could not even watch our normal DSTV programs that we normally did. For 3 weeks we had no proper DSTV connection and constantly complained and Lighthouse Electronics sent out a team to come and see if they could fix the problem which we told them could be the LNB and again it just ended up in E48-32 errors. We got another installer to come out to check all the wiring and the LNB and he found a fault with the LNB and we bought a new LNB from an Electronics store here in Mossel Bay. Ever since that time we have not experienced any problems with our service. We were adviced by Lighthouse Electronics that we need to pay them for the call out fee for the problem they could and did not fix. In total we spend over R2500 now already on getting the DSTV Explora and its benefits and we have decided to not only leave these complaints here but to report both Lighthouse Electronics and Multichoice in Mossel Bay for the crappy service we received. The first installers that came out were awesome but the second installers did not even pay attention to my complaints.

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