Complaint: The jackets claimed to be the size i requested but when i received them, they were too small, wrong size. Although i told them through email tha the sizes were too small, they still fefuse to give me a full refund. I would stay far away from this company as possible because one, you do not get what you are paying for and two, even when they know of your complaint still will not refund your full amount. This is a WARNING.. do not order from this company if you are smart and i almost guarantee that you will get ripped off. Its been over a month now and i still have not receive the HALF refund that they said that they are willing to give me. I am very fustrated and have learned a costly lesson. I would not want anyone else to have to go through what i and several others have been through and that is why i am writing this report. So please be aware I feel that i was ripped off not only because when i told them that they sent me the wrong product, they still refuse to send me my full refund. It is not fair and i am very dissapointed and fustrated by my experience with this site. I will NEVER order from them again nor will i recommend them to anyone else other than beware of this site. It has cost me a pricely lesson and i do not think that it was right or fair. This company is nothing but a ripoff and need to be shut down so that they will not be able to scam anyone else. Again i urge you to STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, i can not express this enough.

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Address: United States



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