LILC8359 on Kik App – Oahu, Hawaii Hawaii


Been married for 14 yrs to my military husband. He started lying, hiding a lot, changed & denying me access on a mutual cell phone bill I was paying on. I noticed the texting & calling from one particular number all throughout the days but he wasn’t calling or texting me. So I asked him about it, he tried to argue. Found out it was a female. I called her, no answer. Text her asking if she knew he was married & why keep contacting my husband continuously. He informed me (through anger) that she forwarded my 3 messages to him. || He has put a smart lock on my number so I can’t contact her from my cell. I know he’s still in contact with her & she’s going along with this. We’re going to be stationed in Cali so what is she getting out of this? I still don’t have access to the cell account but printed all the times they’ve been in contact since April. I found out they were using an kik app too. I really hope no one else has to endure the heart aches, crying of this woman. I’m contemplating what me & my kids next move is because of this mess. It hurts because he doesn’t take me anywhere & has taken her out. I’m sure they’ve been intimate too. This is adultery & he doesn’t show any remorse for his actions.

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