Lindsay Avilas Louisiana Louisiana


My soon to be Ex-Husband and I were Just married 7 years and together 12 years with 4 children. On October 15th,2012 John (John Spanky Jackson my husband) emailed me on Facebook to let me know he had left his phone home and if I needed him to call him at his work on the work phone. When I logged on to the laptop computer he used, I noticed he was still logged into his Facebook on the laptop & had sent Lindsay Avilas the same email he had sent me but only had not told her he loved her. That made me even more suspicious than I already had been. I didn’t say anything.Then the next day October 16th after it had been bothering me all day and night from the 15th I called Lindsay Avilas at 5 pm when she had just gotten off from work. I asked Lindsay what her intentions were with my husband John. Lindsay said they were just friends. Well we talked a couple of minutes then John was calling me on the phone so I told her I would call her right back she claimed her battery was dying and said she would talk to him about this. Well this again didn’t sit right with me. I spoke with John and he assured me nothing was going on. (Later I found out they had called each other both after speaking with me about them being just friends. Later around 7 or 730pm I called her again I got her voicemail. I then texted her and told her I was packing his things he could pick them up off the porch after work. Lindsay then called him and supposedly told him I called and he needed to call me it was an emergency. John then called me and begged me not to pack his things that he and Lindsay were only friends and begged me to not pack his things.Well later on October 20th there was a party at a bar that he”had” to go to. The party was for one of Lindsay’s friends, again I didn’t like where this was leading. I begged him not to go!! Well of course he went. He got dressed for work that morning and took a change of clothes for the party on his way out the door he told me”Just trust me we are only friends”. Well I then decided to get a babysitter for our 4 children and go see for myself what was going on. I knew the bar he was going to. I went to his work first and just as I suspected he left early of course. After not finding him at his job I went to the bar where the party was going to be. I watched them pull up together in her car and then watched them get out of the car and as they walked to the back of the car where he then grabbed her hand as they walked towards the bar entrance. At this point I knew what I suspected all along… I had someone go in the bar to check things out. I gave this person an iPhone to video them on the video John and Lindsay were hugging and kissing. || Lindsay Avilas knew John was married and had a family (4 children). Lindsay Avilas is a homewrecker. I have a whole 17 months worth of story to tell but I would be here forever typing this out but she has made sure John doesn’t see his kids or talk to his children. Lindsay has made sure she has gotten herself pregnant a few times but miscarried. Guess that saying about karma is true.

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