Lingerie Diva Complaint


Absolutely the worst customer service attitude! I tried all morning to get through to them, as they were “holding” my order to confirm my husband’s identity. The phone number kept going to an answering machine. It is the middle of the business day!! Also sent an email response to their email…no response to that. They told us to email a copy of his driver’s license and credit card. Are you kidding? Email a copy of everything anyone needs to commit fraud against us? Seriously. By the time I had told the customer service rep the order number to resolve the issue, she had taken on the worst attitude!! I just wanted what we ordered, but it came down to the chip on her shoulder causing me to cancel immediately. I will NEVER consider buying from them again. On top of all else, she refused to give a order cancellation number or send an email of cancellation confirmation. What company doesn’t provide this basic info for customer security and records??? So, they want us to jump through hoops to prove who we are, but they won’t send a basic receipt of order cancellation for what could be a lucrative customer??? This business must be a basement or home op. Who does e-commerce like this???

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