Linkshe Kalamazoo Michigan Review


(NOTE: I’m pretty sure they are the same company, if you look at each site, you see the exact same items for different prices!). The clothes are waaaaaayyyy too small; it takes over a month to get your items (even if you pay extra to expedite your order); they wouldn’t refund the money for the expediting, nor for the items that were damaged; they didn’t send everything that I ordered; they have no phone number to speak with anyone;they take forEVER to finally respond to emails; they ask for order numbers and pics, and even when I sent all of the requested, they continued to take forEVER to respond, and then told me that it was pas the allotted time to request a refund; or they couldn’t refund money for damaged/poor quality items because this was a special deal; the quality of the material is horrible. So I guess with Rosewe and Linkshe, you truly get what you pay for…little to nothing and horrible customer service!!!



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