Lisa Davies Longview, Washington Washington


My husband was home from basic training for two weeks when he started acting strange. He wouldn’t touch me, would barely talk to me and when we did talk we were fighting. Soon he started asking me if he were to leave would I take the car, the dog etc… Confused I said why would you leave? Where are you going? || Turns out he had been secretly seeing Lisa Davies for a while. They would stay out late at night while I was up all night waiting for him to come home. I finally found out from Lisa’s brother that my husband was fooling around with his sister. I left that night. I cried and begged him to stay with me over the phone but he just laughed. Said he didn’t love me anymore. She knew he was married and she still pursued him. She is a vile nasty homewrecker who has already broken up a marriage before mine.

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