Lisa Martz Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


Meet Lisa, the home wrecking whore. My SO and I have been together for 6 years and have 2 children together. I have known the HW for over 13 years. My oldest son is from a previous relationship, and is related to the HW’s children from their fatherís side. Lisa lived in Phoenix and we lived in Tucson. We were having problems in Tucson and my SO was having trouble finding a job. Lisa owned a townhouse in Phoenix, which she offered to rent to us. Ready for a fresh start and hopeful that my SO would be able to find a good job in a bigger city we packed up and moved in April 2010. Things were great. Within a month we had both found great jobs and were adjusting to our life in Phoenix. Lisa was our only friend here and we would do things together on weekends. My SO is a drinker/druggie and conveniently so is the HW whore. I always felt bad for her because she would always complain about being alone and would lie about all the men that she had. In all the years I have known her, not once have I seen her with a man. || About a year after moving, we started having problems in our relationship. He would start fights so he could leave and stay gone all night. I would call this bitch and confide in her. Telling her all our problems and even that I thought he was cheating on me. She would listen and tell me I deserved better all while he was sitting there next to her. Every fight we got into he would run to this bitchís house and every time she would take him in. I had no idea he was going to her house at this time. We ended up upgrading our phones and without him knowing I added the family locator to our plan. On our next fight he left as usual and I logged on and tracked him to her house. I was shocked, remember until then I had no idea what had been happening. I got in my car and drove to her house. By this time I am crazy with fury. I peek in through the blinds and see the two of them on the couch, nothing inappropriate that I can tell. They were both fully clothed but were both drunk and high. She opens the door and I demand to know whatís going on. He swears as does she, that there is nothing going on I kicked him out because we were fighting and he doesn’t know anyone up here so he went to her house. I’m not stupid but I will be dammed if I was going to leave those two together. So I made him come home. Once we got home the fighting escalated. I demanded to know if they had slept together, when, for how long, I wanted to know everything. He never admitted to anything and again left. No surprise to me he wound up back at the whores house. This time I didnít go. I was in stalker mode, a woman scorned can get to the bottom of any situation and I was investigating. I would track him every hour for the entire night and he never left. Early the next morning, I went over there and pounded on the door like the police. Finally after pounding for 25 minutes her son opens the door. I start yelling up the stairs and let him know I have been tracking his phone and I know he is there. This dirty dick bastard comes down and realizes he has been caught. I go crazy. I’m screaming, shoving him, punching, and slapping anything to hurt him as much as I was hurting at that moment. I go upstairs to confront the whore but she locked herself in her room. I wanted to break her door down and probably could have with all the anger I had but my good sense kicked in and she was not worth going to jail over. He is begging me to calm down, letís talk about it, itís not what I think. All the normal lies someone says when they know they are caught. || After I leave I try calling the whore and of course she is too scary to even pick up the phone. She did respond to my texts, to tell me she has no idea what is going on, that she isnít even home. Right… He comes home later that day and the truth comes out, well his version of the truth. They slept together that night he thinks. He was so fucked up he said he doesnít remember having sex but woke up naked in her bed. He said it happened once before when he was staying at a motel, during one of our arguments. Remember I am still renting a house from this whore. She would come over and bbq with us, hang out with me and act like my friend all the while she had been sleeping with my man. Once he admitted to the affair, I began looking for a new house. We found a house and moved out. No notice did not pay last monthís rent, we just left. I would say that to spite her I wanted to punch holes in the walls and trash her townhouse but I am too classy for that and left the house clean and ready for the next tenants. || A few months later I am served at work with court papers from this bitch. She is suing me for unpaid rent. What?? I couldn’t believe after sleeping with my man she could stoop so low. I called her and told her that I would see her in court. Our court came and because we were friends I always paid in cash and never got a receipt. I had lived there for over 2 years and didn’t think anything like this would happen. I had no proof of anything. The judge awarded in her favor and I was ordered to pay her $2500. I caller the court to find out how I begin paying her back and was told I had to contact her to set up a payment plan. I called and texted her and she never responded. I was served garnishment papers at work and she harassed my job and the company that handles all our hr and payroll. I have since paid off my”debt” to her and have not had any contact with her since. My SO and I are no longer together and I couldn’t be happier. BTW Karma really is a bitch. She has lost her home and her business from what I heard is going bankrupt.

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